Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My traffic is going up.

Isupportharrismiller commented on his site traffic a few days ago.

I would also like to inform you that this site is reaching thousands of Virginians every day. People are google searching for Harris Miller and finding helpful information on this site. For this, I am grateful. This is the leading internet clearinghouse for information about Harris Miller.

If Harris Miller is truly going to become Governor in 2009 (no thanks to Lowell Feld), then we need to raise his name recognition. Please link to this site and we'll spread the word. Please tell your friend about this site too. He will thank you.

Miller for Senate Campaign

Do members of the Miller for Senate Campaign read this blog? If so, what do you think?!?!?!?

It's Miller-Time

Does anyone know if Harris Miller drinks Miller Beer? That would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not old enough to drink yet but one time I sipped a beer that my dad told me was apple juice.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Harris Miller's positions

So far we've covered how Harris Miller has the right position on the War in Iraq (strongly supported Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, Cobra II, and Operation Desert Canary).

We should also talk about how Harris is in support of extending the Bush tax cuts indefinitely.

Harris wants to make sure we don't sunset these tax cuts, and that we make sure Bush's sound trickle down economic philosophy is put in place for years to come. Harris will work across party lines to get things done in Washington, as well as in DC.

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Iraq War is part of the War on Terror

Everybody knows that Harris Miller supported the War in Iraq.

I dare anyone to tell me why this war was not neccessary.

Look, everyone thought Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Even Bill Clinton thought so. Saddam had violated numerous UN resolutions. He had used WMD in the past against his neighbors and his own people. He had an active desire to pursue the creation of a weapons-related program. There are free elections in Iraq right now. 16 out of the 18 provinces are stable. We're opening libraries and schools. Democracy is on the gallop.

The world is better off with Saddam Hussein out of power. He was a bad man...a very bad man. Mistakes have been made, but this is a righteous cause and anyone who says otherwise is a traitor.

Harris Miller was right to support the Iraq War. Furthermore, anyone who doesn't support the Iraq war is the wrong candidate for Virginia. We need to show the Republicans that we are strong. We cannot dabble in pacifism.

Old testament

Harris Miller is an old testament type of guy.

He takes an eye for an eye. And no, that doesn't mean that if his son doesn't do the dishes, he puts his own hand in the garbage disposal. Read the bible, stupid.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Name Recognition

Some kids who are class mates of mine have been tolling (NOPE!!! TROLLING) on this site, but I hope we can ignore these tolls (NOPE!!! TROLLS) and move on.

"Harris Miller." I say the name, but do you recognize it? Maybe so, and maybe not.

That's what this campaign is all about. If I go outside to Short Pump Mall and scream Harris Miller at the top of my lungs and no one turns to look at me, then he is not ready to run for Governor in 2009.

Oops. I wrote the wrong word and I am now the class clown. I meant "trolls". A troll is someone who is out of place, like James Webb at a big time Northern Virginia lobbyist fundraiser.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Mark Warner Democrat

Harris Miller is a Mark Warner style Democrat. He's a proven leader.

And plus, he has been endorsed by Jim Moran who is probably the biggest Democrat in the State of Virginia, not to mention the Commonwealth!!!!!!!!!

Not only that, Harris Miller has been endorsed by Chad Doddson.

The Harris Miller interview

I'm trying to schedule a Harris Miller interview. Here are the questions:

1. What will be your first act as Governor in 2009?

2. Do you plan on putting your children in public school in Richmond, or private school?

3. Would you increase the gas tax? What about if there was a constitutional cap on the Transportation Trust fund?

4. The Federal Government (including President Allen, Senator Davis, and Senator Cantor) is ignoring the illegal immigration problem. Shouldn't the state of Virginia take on this responsibility at the state level?

I look forward to talking to Harris about these important 2009 Gubernatorial issues.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I emailed this site to my whole class!!!!!!!

We're doing a project on weblogs and my class is reading this. So please don't curse on here, I don't know how to delete bad words from your blog posts yet.

Do you like me?

Lowell Feld attacked me in an email

Lowell Feld attacked me in an email by using a patronizing tone in response to my promotions of Harris Miller.

It's not unlike Webb supporters to attack others, or to viciously attack Harris Miller's 9 month old daughter. Especially liberal Webb supporters who can't see that Harris Miller is a strong candidate because he is a Mark Warner-style Democrat who will appeal to Republicans, as well as GOPers.

And for those of you who liberals who keep emailing me and claiming that I'm either gay, a liar, or not a good writer.

I'm not a good writer but I'm not a liar or gay. That's a typical liberal smear of a good moderate Democrat, and I will not stand for it. We live in Virginia and we must learn to support moderate Democrats like Harris Miller instead of liberals like James Webb.

Jerry Conolly supported Miller today. That could be the key. Jerry Connolly is a powerful moderate who is despised by the liberal base.

Harris Miller is not only a Mark Warner-Style Democrat, he is a Jerry Connolly Style Democrat.

Miller rules times 10 and webb sux!!!

hee hee hee

Another blogger in support of Harris Miller

Some of the Raising Kaine people have accused the blogs of not having many Harris Miller supporters.

Well I submit that this is because Harris Miller is a MARK WARNER DEMOCRAT and the Democratic Blogs are left-wing drivel.

Harris Miller doesn't need blog support because he has 4 very powerful blogs supporting him.

Go-Television is one good one.

Miller for Governor in 2009 is of course the best one.

I Support Miller sounds like a flip flopper (like JFK, hee hee hee), but give them time and I think they'll write some really good content that will blow you away with the analyis of the problems that a Mark Warner style candidate can solve.

FCDC blog is another good one written by a different person than those three.

Harris Miller wants YOU

Harris Miller is looking for good volunteers out there and he'll take good Mark Warner moderate Democrats who support abortion restrictions and the death penalty and god and guns, but not liberal Democrats. Harris Miller is a Mark Warner Democrat so he needs to distance himself from the liberal Democrats. It's sad but it's true. We can't afford for these liberals to drag us down! Not if we're going to RUN FOR GOVERNOR AND WIN IN 2009!!!!!!

Harris Miller wants YOU

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The straw poll

The Raising Kaine people are spinning the straw poll as if it is really important.

The truth is that it is not. Did the people who voted know that Harris Miller is a Mark Warner Type Candidate who will use this year's Senate race to run for office in the future?

No. It's too early. SPREAD THE WORD

Did they know that Harris Miller is a successful business who will use a businessman-like approach and old testiment values to lead Virginia forward?

No. It's too early. SPREAD THE WORD

Did they know that Harris Miller is a wonderful family man who has lived in Northern Virginia and helped Democrats many times in the past with money and moral support?

No. It's too early. SPREAD THE WORD


We will change the system in 2009. Move over Mr. Webb, we have a race to run against Allen that will set us up for a future race for Governor.

It is not too late to donate please give some !!$$$money$$$!!